Design sprint

What is a Design Sprint?

Design sprints are a method in the design thinking toolkit. Originally developed by Google Ventures, they have been refined and improved, and are now used by organisations around the world.

Design sprints are used to answer critical business questions through a focused design, prototyping and testing process.

Starting with a brief process of problem framing and research, we then provide a dedicated team for a fixed number of days to explore that problem and collaborate on a solution. The outcome is a write-up, user testing results and a prototype which can be used to establish whether a process needs to be changed or a new product or service created.

Why use a design sprint?

  • Compress months of effort into a few days
  • Promote buy-in from key stakeholders through contribution to the process
  • Encourage innovative ways of working and motivate team members to see a bigger, more strategic picture
  • Solve critical strategic problems or innovate new products and services

The sprint team is made up of four roles who come together to solve your pre-defined challenge.

Facilitator (Manifesto)

The facilitator keeps everything on track and is charged with ensuring that the process is delivering against the objectives of the challenge.

Designer/Strategist/Analyst (Manifesto)

Depending on the challenge we will call on our expert graphic designers, UX designers, strategists and business analysts to contribute to the process.

Core team (Your organisation)

A diverse team from your organisation is required to make the sprint a success. We ask for between 5-7 team members who are able to attend for the whole process.

Decider (Your organisation)

The decider is one team member who is able to make final decisions where a consensus cannot be found or direction needs to be set.

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