Hack day

What is a Hack Day?

Solving your key business challenges through a day of focused collaboration.

Hack days are a method within the design thinking toolkit. They bring together creatives, strategists, technologists and stakeholders to answer critical business questions through focused ideation, solution design and prototyping– all in just one day.

Starting with a process of problem framing and research, we then provide a dedicated team for the hack day to collaborate on a solution. The outcome is a write-up, user testing results and a prototype which can be used to establish whether a process needs to be changed or a new product or service created.

Why use a hack day?

  • Compress months of effort into just one day
  • Promote buy-in from key stakeholders through contribution to the process
  • Encourage innovative ways of working and motivate team members to see a bigger, more strategic picture
  • Solve critical strategic challenges or innovate new products and services.

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