Innovation coaching

Targeted innovation coaching

We offer a range of targeted half-day interventions designed to help your teams rapidly acquire and put into practice the skills they need to innovate successfully. Covering aspects of the innovation process from Agile project management to effective product ownership to user experience design, each session is delivered by an experienced trainer, facilitator or speaker, and is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the attendees.

Half-day coaching sessions

Introduction to Agile
Breaking everything down into easily digestible chunks, this session provides a quick-start guide to the principles of Agile and the increasingly popular Scrum framework. If you want to increase the productivity of your teams and learn how to release more value, more quickly, this session is for you.

Effective Product Ownership
The Product Owner is the voice of the business in the product development team. This session will help new and established POs understand their role in value creation and communicate effectively with stakeholders to lead the team’s discovery of the product and gather requirements.

Build a Product Roadmap
The Product Roadmap is a powerful tool for aligning stakeholders and winning budget for product development. This session equips attendees with the skills they need to create a product vision, set goals, secure buy-in, juggle changing priorities and determine costs to ensure successful delivery.

Run your own Design Sprint
Design sprints are used by organisations around the world to answer critical business questions through a focused design, prototyping and testing process. This session will show attendees how to facilitate a process of problem framing and research, exploration of the problem, and collaboration on a solution.

UX Unwrapped
Manifesto designed UX Unwrapped to provide an insight into how to build exceptional user-experiences. These sessions give you the opportunity to reimagine how users interact with a product or service, starting by building an in-depth understanding of those users and their needs, and then using this to build a clear picture of how to create shared value.

Future Crash Course
The world is changing in innumerable ways and gaining a clear picture of the shifting landscape is crucial. In this session, innovation thought leader Jim Bowes highlights the emerging trends that will transform your industry and redefine your place within it.

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